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Letters: Nature's healing power, paying twice for TSA and a rental car idea

The June 12 Travel section featuring the story "Bask in the Starshine" by Michael Mello made me cry tears of joy because I too share the memory of a childhood where the outdoors was resplendent and healing, always a reminder that nothing of the world is too great to bear.

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'Brexit' vote means travelers to Britain may get more for their money

Britain on sale?  With the “Brexit” vote to leave the European Union, Britain saw the pound slide against the dollar on Friday.

Although a trip to, say, London is not as inexpensive as visiting many developing nations, the currency shift may mean your get more for your money, at least in the short term.

On June 26, 2015, you would have paid about $1.57 for 1 British pound.

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Let's get ready to mango! Waikiki's Moana Surfrider prepares to fete the fruit at a daylong fest

Manic for mangoes? You can relish all things mango, from fresh fruit to cocktails to appetizers, as a historic Honolulu hotel pays homage next month to a popular summer fruit in the islands.

Mangoes at the Moana” will bring a daylong celebration on July 16 to Waikiki’s Moana Surfrider resort. Most of the activities at the event, now in its eighth year, are free.

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Grab and go at Guy Savoy in Vegas' Caesars Palace? Yes, you can

Grab-and-go food from Michelin-starred chef Guy Savoy? It’s happening at Caesars Palace.

From a $5 pastry to a $110 entree of line-caught French sea bass, Savoy and staff are catering to people with various appetites and budgets.

As the chef’s upscale Restaurant Guy Savoy celebrates its 10th anniversary, Savoy has opened a second eatery at Caesars called Brioche that doesn’t have a single table.

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Quito, Ecuador, for $445 round trip from LAX on AeroMéxico

You can reach an exotic foreign destination for about half of what it will cost you to fly to London from LAX: AeroMéxico is offering a round-trip fare to Quito, Ecuador, for $445, including all taxes and fees.

The catch: You must buy your ticket by July 3. The fare, subject to availability, is for travel any day of the week through Oct. 27.

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A place to stay for $40 a night in L.A.? Yes, at PodShare, but there's a tiny catch

PodShare, a cross between a hostel and a dorm that caters to travelers and longer-term visitors, is scheduled to open its third location this summer in Los Feliz.

The pods cost $40 to $50 a night and have a bed, a TV, shelves and some other storage space, but one thing they don’t have is privacy. No walls, no doors, no curtains.

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