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The COVID-19 pandemic is delaying applications for new passports and renewals. And it’s hard to say for how long.

After the long holiday weekend, beaches reopen in L.A., Ventura, Santa Barbara and Orange counties.

With the coronavirus crisis roiling vacation plans, some are turning to travel that allows for social distancing, including RV camping. This reporter tried it.

How much of the summer season can be salvaged, and will efforts undermine the push to keep the pandemic under control? Countries may risk importing coronavirus cases from states with much higher levels of incidence.

Plan your own Fourth of July bike ride, and learn about a Confederate warship’s dubious link to the Sierra

First California started reopening. Then came the questions.

What to know about refunds

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, airlines have canceled flights and reduced schedules. Know your rights and what you are entitled to.

The coronavirus pandemic is keeping cruise ships out of the water. Disney, Carnival and others have canceled more trips

Do you want your money back for the Airbnb or Vrbo you didn’t to use? Of course you do. But in many cases, you may be disappointed.

Coronavirus: If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that once a business gets its hands on your money, it doesn’t want to give any back.

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